Welcome to my blog!

During the slow time in my office, I decided to start a blog.  I've always enjoyed writing and want to incorporate some of my tax expertise into my professional 'marketing' strategy for myself.

A little about me, professionally:

I've been a tax preparer with CSD & Co. since January 2009.  I earned my CPA certification, after a grueling exam, plus education and experience requirements, in June of 2010.  I am uniquely suited to this type of work, with an analytical mind and a penchant for solving problems.  Working in a small city, most of my clients are small businesses or individuals whose complexity of investments have exceeded their ability or willingness to prepare their own taxes.

I am most certainly your typical accountant-type.  I have moments of social awkwardness and tend towards the introverted.  However, I did, at some point in my adult life, learn how to talk to other adults and I strive to be approachable, friendly, and comprehensible.  I can explain tax concepts in every-day speak and you don't have to worry about our conversations leaving you more, rather than less, confused.

A little about me, personally:

I consider myself an Alaskradan.  I was born in Alaska and moved to Colorado when I was a child, though I continued to summer there through college.  My love affair with Colorado becomes more intense every year, but Alaska will always be home.

I'm a single mom to a silly second-grader.  Often my time in the office is limited because of my obligations to him, so I've learned to make the most of the time I am here.  Don't get me wrong, I still work 5 days and 40 hours a week most weeks.

I am a volunteer programmer (i.e. DJ) at KAFM 88.1 fm, our community radio station here in Grand Junction.  Hear me on the second and fourth Saturdays at 6 pm!  I play mostly rock, R&B, and Americana.

I rediscovered snowboarding last winter after a very unfortunate five-year hiatus.  Other than taking out a small aspen with my head a minute and a half into my first run, it was absolutely the best thing about my winter.

I also serve on the finance committee at Caprock Academy as well as the board of the Colorado West Estate Planning Council.


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