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Tax-Saving Tips: February 2022

  Make Sure You Grab Your Home Internet Deduction   If you do some work at home, you’re probably using your home internet connection. Are your monthly internet expenses deductible? Maybe.   The deduction rules depend on your choice of business entity (proprietorship, corporation, or partnership).   Deduction on Schedule C   If you operate your business as a sole proprietorship or as a single-member LLC, you file a Schedule C to report your business income and expenses. As a Schedule C taxpayer, you may deduct ordinary and necessary expenses, which include business-related internet subscription fees.   You can deduct your use of your home internet whether or not you claim the home-office deduction, as follows:   ·          If you claim the home-office deduction on your Form 1040, the internet expense goes on line 21 (utilities) of IRS Form 8829 as either a direct or an indirect expense. ·          If you do not claim the home-office deduction, enter the busines