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Tax-Saving Tips: December 2021

  Tax Credits for Schedule C Businesses without Employees   Obtaining a tax credit is the next best thing to paying no taxes at all.   The tax code contains over 30 non-refundable tax credits for businesses. These are part of the general business tax credit and are claimed on IRS Form 3800, General Business Tax Credit, and on Schedule 3 of Form 1040. The general business credit is not itself a tax credit, but rather an overall limitation on the total credits that a business can claim each year.   What if you’re a Schedule C business owner who doesn’t have employees and isn’t involved in one of the niche businesses that come with a credit? You’re not necessarily left out of the tax credit bonanza. Here are six tax credits that many Schedule C businesses with no employees can claim (and of course, you can qualify for these credits with employees, too).   1.      Credit for Increasing Research Activities   The credit for increasing research activities is intended to en